20b – GUI interface for GUI in Android

One of the problems that comes up in developing for Android is definitely how do we make it shiny? There is a layout designer in the Eclipse Android package that works, but is not particularly helpful and is essentially an easy way to view what you have already coded. Many people have noticed this problem and commented – I want a GUI interface for layout design. A real one. Like I get for developing websites with Dreamweaver or for X for developing Y (I do not usually work with anything that involves a UI other than a little bit of web design, so I do not know what else someone might want a GUI designer for…).

But, someone decided to code one up: DroidDraw ( LINK ). Now it is a very simple and in many ways crude GUI designer. Definitely written by a programmer/developer – only the basics and does those in a not very visually appealing way (does not satisfy UI ideals – affordances, ease of use, etc.). However, for the developer who wants to look at what s/he is creating and not worry about the code, DroidDraw is pretty solid. No frills, and also there does not seem to be anything else out there. However, there are plenty of mock-up options available (and also an extension to DroidDraw to look at it on a phone) listed here GUI Android . For my purposes and how I design (probably only for casual/this course) I feel like the Eclipse layout interface will serve most of my purposes (though I did download DroidDraw so we’ll see).

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